About me

IMG_4459My name is Abi and I write this blog about being a mum and generally my life. I live in Kent with my husband and two young children. I work part time and try to update this blog roughly once a week. I hope that my writing helps other mums, parents, or any other human beings really, to feel less alone. I aim for honesty and sometimes write about difficult stuff to do with my experience as a mum etc but generally I think there’s probably more funny stuff on here.

My kids are quite literally my dreams come true, but sometimes I just want to lie down alone in a darkened room and sleep for an entire night without anyone shouting out ‘MUMMAHHHH!!’


I really believe that parents (especially mums because women are often made to be quiet) need to be able to say when it’s hard and to talk about it without feeling like they are terrible parents for saying so. This is one of the reasons why I decided to start writing my blog. I thought, what if I just started writing about how I really feel and what I am really thinking?

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At the moment I make no money from writing this blog and I haven’t done any reviews here either but if you are some kind of PR person or want to pay me loads of money to put an ad on here or maybe if you are a holiday company who need me to review a trip to the bahamas or something then please do get in touch. My soul is available for the right price.